The ECLE is an independent and not-for profit group of European company and financial law experts dedicated to publishing policy papers on selected topics of European company law and financial regulation. The main objective of the ECLE is to advise on European Union rule making in these fields of company law with an emphasis on regulation of stock listed companies, corporate governance and capital market regulation affecting companies.

The policy papers of the ECLE can be found here. They are also available on SSRN.

The ECLE is supported by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation. In order to maintain its independence the ECLE does not accept funding from for-profit organizations or governments. It does not interact with commercial parties and it does not do any paid work.


Second row (from left): Markus Roth, Paul Davies, Jaap Winter, Jose Garrido Garcia
First row (from left): Rolf Skog, Stanisław Sołtysiński, Alain Pietrancosta, Martin Winner, Eddy Wymeersch, Guido Ferrarini, Klaus J. Hopt, Peter Böckli