Vienna Meeting, 2 / 3 May 2017, Vienna, Austria

  1. Presentation by Rolf Skog, Jaap Winter, Guido Ferran, “Flexibility and Proportionality in Corporate Governance Frameworks – a new topic for the OECD Corporate Governance Committee.”
  2. Presentation by Rolf Skog, Jaap Winter, Paul Davis “The Impact of Brexit on corporate governance”
  3. Presentation by Martin Winner, Rolf Skog “Takeovers: changes in the regulatory system including post-Brexit”

Genoa Meeting, 26 / 27 May 2016, Genoa, Italy

  1. Presentation by Petr Čech, “The new Czech law on groups of companies, between Rozenblum and Konzernrecht – an experiment worth noting?”
  2. Presentation by Adam Opalski, Group of companies in Polish law

Young Research Meeting, 27 September 2012, Cologne, Germany:

  1. Presentation by  Katrin Deckert TBD
  2. Presentation by Felix Steffek Corporate, Group Restructuring and Insolvency
  3. Presentation by Dionysia Katelouzou, Corporate Law and Hedge Fund Activism
  4. Presentation by Adam Opalski, Modernising Company Law and Capital Maintenance Rules
  5. Presentation by Diederik Bruloot, Second Directive and Creditor Protection
  6. Presentation by Joost Kloosterman Institutional Investors and (Lack of) Engagement
  7. Presentation by Christoph Bühler, Regulating Corporate Governance in Switzerland