Martin Winner

Professor Dr. Martin Winner
WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
Department of Business Law, Labour and Social Security Law
Vienna, Austria

Professor Martin Winner has been Professor of Business Law at WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) since 2009, specialising in company law, capital markets law, intellectual property law and business law in CEE. He graduated from WU in 1993 (commerce) and from the University of Vienna in 1995 (law), where he also obtained his doctorate (2001).

His career includes: regular advisor to the Austrian Ministry of Justice (e.g. Takeover Act 1998, implementation of the Takeover Directive 2006); full-time advisor to the Albanian Minister of Justice for the reform of business law (2007 to 2009): Chairman of the Austrian Takeover Commission, the regulator for takeover bids (since 2009); member of the “Working Group Financial Markets Legislation at the Ministry of Finance” in Berlin, Germany (since 2012); member of the European Commission’s „Informal Expert Group on Company Law (ICLEG)“ (since 2014).